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We have opened this category for you to showcase not only your board manufacture but also to show that you have the skills that no matter what conditions are given to you. Can you master them on your chosen board? The SUP Fest is the only opportunity for you to prove that you can master each discipline on just “one” board. Choosing that one board that you can work the best in all conditions. You will be the all-round overall paddler over all 4 events: The Downwind Ocean Paddle, The Flatwater Brain v Braun Challenge, the SUP TechX, and the Surf!

Free if you have a paid entry into any of the SUP Fest Events

Get involved where SUP all began showing your skills in the SUP Surf completion. Not only do we have an open category but also the 10ft and over with two unique judging styles for both. We have age divisions for Over 50 and Juniors U17. Included in this is the Paddle Master category where you will be able to surf your 14ft board.

This has fast become the 'holy grail' of SUP paddling where you can surf the endless wave in the ocean! We have two courses on offer, depending on the conditions on the day, with both finishing in the safety of Mooloolaba Bay. This race is not for the fait hearted but with the right training can be achievable for anyone. There will also be an open FOIL division for those FOIL nuts to be a part of!

Put all your SUP s all your skills on display with a short course around turning cans inside the calm Mooloolaba Bay making it a spectacle for those watching and participating. The race is for all levels of paddlers and one not to be missed.

A race for every SUP Paddler, even if you have just brought your first board. Paddling through the safety of the Mooloolaba canals with a challenge to keep even your grandmother excited. All your SUP friends will want to join you on this one! Special opportunity to gather a Team of four (4) and put your brains together and take home the Team Title.

Early Bird (EB) Pricing ends April 30, 2020

  • »  1 Event = $90 – (EB Price - $70)
  • »  2 Events = $150 – (EB Price - $120)
  • »  3 Events = $200 – (EB Price - $160)
  • »  4 Events = $250 – (EB Price - $200)
  • »  Team Flatwater Brain v Braun Challenge – 4 people = $240 (EB Price - $200)
  • »  World Record Attempt – $10 (Free if you have a paid entry into any of the SUP Fest Events)

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1. I agree to unconditionally release the Sunshine Coast SUP Club, World Surfaris Pty Ltd, the organisers, officials, affiliated groups, all sponsors, volunteers and any other parties involved or associated with the event and or competition, from any liability, loss and damage (of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising) incurred either whilst travelling to and from or participating in or being present at the event and or competition.

2. I am not suffering from any illness or health issues that may put me or my fellow competitors at risk due to my participation.

3. I understand that surfing is a dangerous recreational activity and that I will be solely responsible for my actions and their consequences particularly with respect to loss and damage to myself, others, my equipment or that of others.

4. I will strictly abide by the rules of the event and the competition and understand that all judges’, officials’ and organisers’ decisions are final.

5. I am over the age of 18 years (or if I am not, my parent or legal guardian must sign this form on my behalf).

6. I understand that at the time of lodging my application to enter the event, a permit for the event may not have been issued by the Sunshine Coast Council. If a permit does not issue and the event cannot be held (for whatever reason), then my entry fee/s will be refunded in full and the organisers are released from any other liability or obligation to me.

7. I accept that lodging an entry application and paying the entry fee does not necessarily guarantee me a place in the event, as the organisers have the right to limit entry numbers in any of the divisions at any time. If my entry application is not accepted by the organisers, my entry fees will be refunded in full.

8. Once my entry application has been accepted by the organisers, I agree that my entry fees are non-refundable.

• Entries with entry fee payment to be received upon registration.
• Every competitor will receive 1 Race Pack per person and Free Entry into the World Record Attempt for most SUPs at one time in a parade!
• I agree to receiving promotional content via email from Mooloolaba SUP Fest and Partners.
• I agree to the Mooloolaba SUP Fest and Partners using photos and video of myself in the competition and Fest.
• No refunds are available except in extenuating family or medical circumstances.
• Any refunds made by the Mooloolaba SUP Fest will incur an administration processing fee of $20 per refund.

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